Created using Adobe After Effects


21 Ways to Stay Creative / All hand-sketched using a Wacom tablet, this short video provides the viewer ideas for how to keep creative. The upbeat song, simple sketches, and handwriting-esque fonts all come together to create a video meant to inspire any viewer.


Fight Club Title Sequence / The main inspiration behind this sequence was the soap theme in the film; I wanted that reference to be subtle and not obvious. Using eerie effects and music, the uneasy mood of the film is set.

Type was the focus of the sequence. I juxtaposed the grunge font with the sans serif to keep balance. The font used for "FIGHT CLUB" has a city silhouette at the bottom, representing the cities the club spread to.

I used the effect on the name type that puts it together in pieces because it went with the city-grunge feel. Also, I think a strong theme of the movie is just how much of a mess the main character’s life is and how he’s just so broken, so the text is broken in pieces to subtly represent that.